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I’m a Japanese freelance website creator and use WordPress to make websites for all kinds of small businesses. I got into making websites because I wanted to encourage these small businesses by making beautiful websites. The real spark for me was wanting to help my uncle update the website for his sweet shop in Tochigi prefecture.

Every year, from the time I was born until I graduated high school, he sent me a cake on my birthday, and, when I was a child, he often invited me to visit his shop. He would let me make cakes with him; I still remember the smell of sugar and baking filling the kitchen. It wasn’t just the obvious joy of being a child in a sweet shop but I also remember how warm my heart felt because my uncle’s personality is also very sweet. It was one of my most favourite places to visit, and he was the biggest hero in the whole world to me.

Time passed, and I became old enough to be able to drink with him. One day, he told me that physically it’s getting hard to run the shop because he has to do everything by himself from the baking to the selling. The shop has continued for a long time and he used to run the shop with his mum and dad, but as they are aging it’s getting harder for them to stand all day to make the sweets. Also, the shop is in the countryside so people who live in the city or town don’t even know the shop exists.

I didn’t have any knowledge about making websites, and I wasn’t even that interested because I was into sales. I took joy in reaching sales targets and putting effort into training others to reach higher and higher targets. But I wanted to do something for him. So I decided to study marketing strategy at university. I thought that if I could learn about proper marketing strategy I could help him to advertise and figure out the best selling methods. So I became a university student.

At the same time, I was leading a company website renewal project. Then I realized how easy it is to make a beautiful website with WordPress without the expensive help of a big company. So I started to learn how to make a website while I was working as a sales manager. It took about 6 months until I was confident in making a good website, and I started asking friends who run their own businesses if they wanted help creating a website. And that’s how I started.

Now, I’m working on renewing the sweet shop’s website, so after it’s launched, I’ll put the link here. Please check it out and buy his delicious cakes!

Tokyobhive began when I was still in sales and I was working with many different people from all over the world. Sometimes they surprised me with the things they said about Japan. Things that I’d never even thought about, like what all the bottles on the table at a ramen shop are for, or the discrimination that can make it hard for foreigners to find good apartment rentals.


That’s why I began researching information about the experiences of foreigners in Japan and am in the process of developing this site to help ease the difficulties people face. It has also been a great excuse to spend time getting to know my country’s history and nature with a fresh mindset!

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