How to find cheap car parking?

Japanese car parking is always quite expensive, especially in the middle of Tokyo. You want to know how to park cheaply and legally, right? I’ll show you how by using a great app by Docomo called Peasy.

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I drive mostly every day so parking fees are a massive pain. One day, I asked one of my university friends, “You go to uni in the middle of Tokyo by car everyday, right? Parking is expensive, isn’t it? How do you manage?” He said, “Yeah, it’s pain but I usually use an app on my phone so I don’t pay as much.” 

He was using an app called Peasy. It’s kind of like Airbnb for your car. People who have a free space or land that they don’t use can make it available on the app so users can search for it and make a booking to use it.

The price is much cheaper than the normal car parking because sometimes the road is narrow or it’s hard to access, or it is just on dirt ground etc. But as well as being cheap I like the idea of using otherwise wasted space in Tokyo. I downloaded and tried the service and was impressed by how convenient, easy to use, and cheap it is. Now, I’m a regular user! It depends on the place but I usually pay 60% less than the regular parking fee. Keep in mind that you have to book on the app 30 minutes before the actual parking time. 

1 %

Download & setup

for IOS

1. Download the "Peasy" app.


2. Tap on the orange button.


3. Tap on the orange button.


4. Tap on the orange button.


5. Tap on the orange button.


6. Tap on the orange button.


7. Tap the check box and then tap the orange button.

Check the box to accept that you understand the privacy policy.


8. Choose the way that you want to log in.

LINE, Facebook or Google.


9. Enter your name, then in katakana, phone number, type of your car, car registration number, and tap on the bottom orange button.

Enter the information like this below. 1) Tokyo Beehive
2) トウキョウビーハイブ
4)軽自動車 Small car
 普通車 Standard-sized car
 SUV ワンボックス SUV/a Van
5) 00-00


10. Enter your credit card details.

Enter your credit card number like this below.
3)tokyo beehive


11. Tap on the orange button.


12. Tap on the blue button highlighted in the picture.

The box says: "Do you allow the use of location information whilst opening this application?". If you don't want to, tap on the left blue letter.


13. Tap on the white button marked as number 2 in the picture

1) This is information about a campaign. The company offers the first parking for free.

How to use


1. Find your parking


2. Tap on the parking

After tap the parking, tap on the bottom arrow.


3. Check the details

1) Campaign detail. It's free for the first use.
2)This parking has a maximum fee.
3)open 24 hours
4)8:00 to 20:00 90yen per 20 minutes
5) 20:00 to 8:00 90yen per 60 minutes.
6) Within 4 hours of parking, the maximum fee is 980 yen.


4. Scroll down and check the details

1) Monday to Friday fee is below
2) Saturday, Sunday and national holiday fee is below.


5. Scroll down and check the details then Tap on the "Orange button"

1) This part is important because you can see your ca can fit in or not. This parking for a small car only so if your car is a Standard-sized car or SUV, it can't fit in.
2) Name of this parking
4) You can move to a Google map or Apple map or make a copy of the address.
5) Full length
6) Full width
7)Overall height
8) Minimum ground clearance


6. Tap on the "OK button"


7. Tap on the "Blue letter"

The popup says "Do you want to receive notice when you park the car?"


8. Tap on the "Blue letter"

If you want to get the notice, tap on the "Right blue letter", if not, tap on the "Left blue letter".


9. Check the details and tap the "Orange button"

1) The parking lot number.
2) You have to park a car by this time.
3) Address


10. You could book the parking lot!

If you want to cancel it, tap on the "Red letter"


11. Tap on "OK button " to Cancel

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