How to store your luggage using ecbo cloak

It’s hard to move around in a city when you are carrying a lot of luggage, isn’t it? There are coin lockers in most train stations. But sometimes it’s a pain having to find one while carrying heavy luggage, especially in big stations like Shibuya and Shinjuku. So today, I’ll introduce a service called “ecbo cloak”. It’s one of the online sharing services that connect your luggage and a free space that is in a shop or restaurant. 

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Many coin lockers can be found inside or outside of the train stations, but sometimes it’s hard to find because some big stations are like mazes. You can find some coin locker navigation websites but most of those kinds of websites only show the map, so if you don’t know where you are, it’s still hard to find it. Let me tell you about an application called ecbo cloak. If you use it, you don’t have to try to find an empty coin locker. You can leave your luggage in a shop or restaurant that has some free space for storage. You don’t have to walk for a long time to find a coin locker because you can decide where you’re going to leave your luggage before you even step out the door. You don’t have to change your bills to coins because you can pay with your credit card in advance. It’s very easy to set up and very easy to pay. Especially in the Olympic season many travelers are coming to Japan and it will be hard to find storage. So if you have a use for it, the service very helpful.        

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Download & setup

for IOS

1. Download the "ecbo cloak" app.

Bear in mind that you will need a credit card to use this app.


2. Choose the notification settings.


3. Choose the GPS settings.

How to reserve


1. Tap on "Search for place".


2. Enter the place name where you want to leave your luggage.

Double check the address because sometimes there is more than one place that shares the same name in Japan. For example, Ginza. There's a place called Ginza in Tokyo, Kyoto and Yamagata. These are all completely different places. (Same thing when you're searching for train stations by the way!)


3. Tap on the "Calendar".


4. Choose the date, time and how many of each sized item. e.g. 1 bag sized item, 3 suitcase sized items. Then tap on the "Search" button.


5. Tap on the luggage icon and the shop information

Choose the place that is the most convenient for you. Tap on the luggage icon on the map, then tap on the shop details window that will open at the bottom.


6. Tap on the "Sign Up & Make a Reservation" button.


7. Choose the way of signing up

This time, I will choose "Sign Up with Email Address".


8. Enter your e-mail address and password, then tap on the "Next" button.


9. Enter your name and tap on the "Next" button.


10. Enter your phone number and tap on the "Next" button.


11. Enter your credit card details and tap on the "Complete Sign Up" button.


12. Tap "OK".


13. Tap on the "Create a reservation" button.


14. Check your reservation details and scroll down.


15. Read all the notes and tap on the check box and then the "Complete Payment & Reservation" button.

If you need to change the details, tap on "Change Reservation Details" below the green button.


16. Tap on "OK".


17. Show this screen to the staff when you arrive.

This page opens every time you tap on the "Calendar icon" at the bottom.

How to cancel the reservation


1. Tap on the bottom "Calendar icon".


2. Scroll down.


3. Tap on the "Cancel Reservation" button.

If you want to change the date or place, tap on the "Change Reservation" button. You can cancel and change your reservation any time one day before the reservation day.


4. Tap on "Yes".

That's it!

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