How to use family mart's free-wifi

FamilyMart is one of the big 3 convenience store chains. They have 16,420 stores in Japan, with 2,423 stores in Tokyo (2019) so far. FamilyMart offers a free-WiFi service with the same use restrictions as Seven-Eleven.

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Personally I didn’t want to download an extra application just to use free-WiFi, and there are way too many steps to register. Also, when I connected to the WiFi to check the speed it was pretty slow but it was very fast in other branches, so it depends. I’m sure they’ll improve the speed in all branches and simplify the registration process, but for now, downloading the app is a bit annoying.


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Too many steps to register and you have to download an extra app but the speed of the W-Fi is very fast in some branch.


Avarage speed of free-WiFi according to モバうぃふぃ

What is family mart free-wifi?

Like Seven-Eleven, you can connect for 60 minutes in a single session, and only three times a day. You have to go to a store to register, so you can’t do it until you’re in Japan. Whilst we wouldn’t exactly recommend this service, in an emergency it’s better than nothing. Also, if you don’t mind downloading the app once, it’ll at least increase your connectivity in the city, so read ahead for the walkthrough!

Download and setup

for IOS

1. Download the "Family mart" app

In the Apple Store or the Google Play Store, type"Family Mart" in the search bar.

You'll see two different apps but don't download the first one. You need the second one with the Wi-Fi symbol: "ファミリーマート WiFi 簡単ログインアプリ".


2. Tap the check box, input your info and then the green "OK" button

a) Check the box to accept that you understand the privacy policy.

b) Next you have to choose your gender (look at the picture on the left for help).

c) Input your birth year.

d) Finally, tap the green "OK" button.


3. Go to FamilyMart and access the Wi-Fi

You can only complete registration at the store and whilst connected to the store's WiFi so go to a store and then choose "Famima_WiFi" from the available networks menu.


4. Tap the downloaded "Famima_WiFi"

After you've connected to the store's WiFi, open the application that you downloaded earlier.


5. Tap the big blue button on the left

Still with us? Tap the button as highlighted in the picture on the left. This will take you to a login page.

6. Tap the bottom green button

This is the registration screen. The top green button is the login button but, even though you have already inputted an e-mail address and some personal information, you haven't actually registered.

So, to register, tap that bottom button.


7. Check box and tap the bottom green button

Tap the check box to accept the terms of service.

You're finally ready to register! Finally you can register for the service, so tap the green button.


8. Enter your e-mail address, desired password and tap the green button

Nearly there!

Enter your details, using the picture on the left as a guide. "Gender" is optional this time.

Tap the green button again when you're ready.


9. Check your details and tap the green button


10. Tap the "ok" button"

The app will send you a confirmation email (so make sure you've used an email address that you can access)


11. Open the blue link

Open your email box and tap on the link.

Phew! You've made it! Enjoy the free Wi-Fi.

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