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Japan Travel by NAVITIME is very helpful when sightseeing in Japan. The app tells you not only where to go and how to get there, but also about any free-WiFi spots nearby. It’s a super useful app!

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I was really impressed by this application, the company know what they’re doing! This app is all in one! There are so many information websites about Japan but this company has mixed the information with a route finding service. Also, they’re constantly updating info on new shops and popular spots as well as more out of the way bars, activities and sight seeing spots. 

This is all helps you find interesting and unusual places to visit, but… WHY NO SEARCH WINDOW? It’s a good tool to make daily plans if you’ve already decided where you want to go but otherwise it was very hard for me to choose from the huge amount of information. It would be great to be able to narrow down the places a bit. 

One more thing that I want them to add is a review function. When I went to Hong Kong, it was hard to know what to do with my limited time there because I didn’t know what kind of shops, activities, and places there was. I checked out a bunch of websites but most of them are curation websites like “TOP 30 restaurants in Hong Kong” or “TOP 20 best places to buy~”. How can I choose one in TOP twenty or thirty? And can I trust that they’re actually good places and not just paid advertisements? I prefer to choose based on others’ experiences. That’s why I asked my friend for advice – and she could show us good restaurants that are only famous for local people. All of the menus were written in Chinese, none of the shop staff could speak English so I couldn’t even know what kind of food they provided. Also, the cultural differences meant that service standards were really different, so it was actually hard to know the quality of a restaurant just on outward appearances alone. This is where local people’s opinions come in really handy. If I didn’t have any friends in Hong Kong, I couldn’t have had such an amazing experience. That’s why local people’s reviews are very important to help figure out whether a place is good or not without sacrificing cultural immersion by only going to foreigner friendly places. 

Anyway, except these two things, this application is very useful for what it is and I like it! 

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What is Japan Travel by NAVITIME

The application is called Japan Travel by NAVITIME is very helpful when you see around in Japan. The app tells you not only where to go, but also where is the free-WiFi spot nearby, what train you need to get to go to the directions, etc. Also, you can make your full daily plan included the transportations and maps without paying for a travel agency. The app is run by NAVITIME. This company was established in 1996 to do a travel route search engine’s license business. Since then, they’ve been released many applications such as route search for trains, buses and bicycles etc. That’s why they have plenty of knowledge of the route search technology. 

It’s very easy to get around Tokyo by train because the railway is spread around like a spider’s nest. On the other hand, that’s why it’s very hard to transfer the train. But If you could make the perfect daily plan, you don’t need to worry about the issues. You might think if you don’t know how to get the directions, you can ask someone. However, Japanese people’s English level is quite low, #49 of 88 countries/regions. The position in Asia is #11 of 21 according to the world’s largest ranking of countries and regions by English skills, EF EPI, English Proficiency Index in 2019.  So, not so many people speak English. I would recommend to make the plan and search for the place where you want to go before travel at your home and use the map in Japan. Because the interface is good and user-friendly but it’s not so simple, so you need a time to get used to it. Today, I’ll show you how to make full use of the application!

Download & setup

for IOS

1. Download the "Japan Travel" app.

The app maker, NAVITIME, has a few different applications so make sure you download "Japan Travel". 

2. Accept the terms of service, and answer the three questions.

3. Tap on "All Areas" and select the area you're going to visit.

How to search spots nearby


1. Tap on "Map"

It will open a screen with options for "FREE WiFi" "MONEY EXCHANGE" etc. Scroll up the bottom window.

2. Choose what you want to serch and tap the icon

For example, tap the Hotel icon, hotel's icons appear nearby you. Free-WiFi spots, ATM etc. as the same. However, if you want to connect to free-WiFi, most of the Japanese free-WiFi services have to register so if you want to know how, click How to connect free-WiFi in Japan.


3. Tap the window of your interest

If you search hotels where you want to stay, you can see many information of hotels bottom of the screen. If you could find a nice hotel, tap the bottom window. You can book the hotel through as well.

How to make a daily plan


1. Choose the tab what you want to do

Choose the tab, open the article to find the place that you want to visit/do. Don't forget "select areas". If you choose the articles that are NOT tagged the area name, there are many different places information in Japan included the area that you choose. For example, It's opening the tab "NATURE" and you can see six articles in the example pictures. "Nature|Tokyo" shows only Tokyo information but "Nature" is a curation information included the place in Tokyo one. 

2. tap the window of your interest, and tap "heart"

If you could find the interesting spot or information, scroll down a bit and find its address and tap " heart" which means you added the address in your favorite spots. Correcting the spots that you want to visit in the same way.

IMG_9504 2

3. Tap "Plan"

After adding the spots to your favorite included your hotel, tap "Plan".


4. Tap "Create Travel Plan"


5. Make "Plan Name", choose "date" and tap "Create"


6. Choose the transportation, and tap "favorite spots"


7. Make your original day trip plan!

You have to choose the spot to make the plan one by one so at first, I recommend to choose the place where you start. If you want to start from your hotel, you choose the hotel first. 


8. tap "add to plan"


9. Tap the plan name that yo already made

You have to choose the spot to make the plan one by one so at first, I recommend to choose the place where you start. If you want to start from your hotel, you choose the hotel first. 


10. Choose the date

I added the "favorite spot" that i chose to "DAY1"in the example picture. You can add the "favorite spot" to any day you want. After choosing the date, the message window "Check the details of the edited plan" is going to pop up. If it's OK, tap "Confirm". Basically, that's the way of making the plan. You do the same steps again and again from STEP7 to STEP10.



You can find a place from "Search and Add Spots" button. But If you are not sure the place name, I wouldn't recommend to use it because if you put the wrong name, many spots are going to appear in the map, for example, the searching result of the famous temple's name "Sensouji" and "Sensoji" are totally different.  Maybe the keyword suggest system is not so strong as Google?  

How to edit plan


1. Tap "Plan" then tap your plan that you already made


2. Tap the "gear icon" on the right

You can edit everything, choose transportation, Duration time, arrival and Departure time, etc. I'll show you example how to change transportation train to car here.


3. Tap "car"


4. tap "Select This route"

Basically, that's it. You can see the route when you tap the icon like a snake on the right.

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