How to use Seven-eleven free-wifi

Seven-Eleven is the biggest convenience chain company in Japan. You’ll see the stores just about everywhere in Tokyo. 7-Eleven has 20,904 stores in Japan. In Tokyo, there are 2,743 stores. 7-Eleven’s free Wi-Fi service is called 7spot. 

So Says

It’s quite simple to register! Even though I was outside the shop, I could connect to the WiFi, and the speed is no problem. The Japanese research website, モバうぃふぃ, said that the speed of 7-Eleven’s free-WiFi is the fastest compared to other convenience stores. So I like it! You can see 7-Eleven everywhere in Tokyo so I recommend registering with this service. 


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Easy to register and the fastest speeds


Avarage speed of free-WiFi according to モバうぃふぃ

What is 7spot free wifi?

Seven&i holdings is a giant of a company, and once you’ve registered, you can connect to the free-WiFi at affiliated companies such as Denny’s, the children’s clothes shop Akachanhonpo, and the super market Yorkmart. It seems convenient but it does have a limit. You can connect for 60 minutes in a single session, three times a day. This means you can use it for 3 hours in total in one day. If you had lunch at the diner, Denny’s, for a long time, it would be pretty convenient. But if you’re moving around the city, because you can only access three times a day you also can only login at a maximum of 3 spots in one day. On the other hand, 7-Eleven is very easy to find so we recommend registering before coming to Japan, just in case.   

Download and setup


1.Tap "会員登録・変更"

You'll need to go to the website - if you search for "7spot" it should be the first google search result.

Next tap "会員登録・変更" - the only blue button with a dot in it.  


2. Tap "新規会員登録はこちら"

When the screen changes, you'll probably have to scroll down a bit to find the correct icon.

Then tap "新規会員登録はこちら" - the one with the person icon.


3. Enter your details and tap "確認画面へ"

When the screen changes, scroll down again until you see the image to the left.

You have to enter your email address, gender, birth year, desired password and confirmation.

Then tap on "確認画面へ".

Don't forget to use an email address you can access!


4. Tap the orange button

Check your details again, then tap the orange button "利用規約に同意して登録する"


5. Open the blue link

When you receive the confirmation email, open it and tap the blue link.


6. Connect

Once you've registered, you're ready to use the Wi-Fi!