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Do you still pay full price for Shinkansen tickets? Most foreigners don’t know that you can get discount Shinkansen tickets for some cities if you hold a foreign passport! Incredibly, this is for residents too, not just vacationers! Check out our article to make sure you’re paying the lowest price for your destination. You might be shocked at the money you could be saving.

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To be honest, I didn’t know that the FLEX Rail-ticket even existed. This service is provided by JR Tokai Tours. JR Tokai covers many prefectures such as Shizuoka, Ibaraki, Osaka, Hyogo etc. The discount ticket service is only for the Tokaido Shinkansen (東海道新幹線/とうかいどうしんかんせん), so can only be used for certain stations between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka. The great part is that it’s not only for foreign tourists but also foreign people who live in Japan – though the discount can only be used by the passport holder and not on tickets purchased for others.

Flex rail-ticket

This package includes a Shinkansen round-trip ticket and special vouchers for food or experiences like kimono rental. All you have to do to make use of this deal is to show your passport when you purchase the ticket. Make sure everyone travelling has their passport at purchase, as tickets can only be purchased by the passport holder. There is no minimum number of tickets that you have to buy, so it's great for everyone: solo travellers, couples, groups etc.
It doesn't have to be a day trip ticket either, your return date can be between 1-7 days, so there's a lot of flexibility!

Deal is valid from 25th September, 2019 to 25th March, 2020.
Includes: Round-trip JR Shinkansen ticket, experience voucher (meal, kimono rental, sightseeing etc)

Click the links below to be taken to the JR Tokai Tours website to purchase the ticket.


To Kyoto

save ¥5640

To Osaka

SAVE ¥4540

To Mt.Fuji

Unlimited affordable bus ride and Mishima Skywalk that is the longest suspension bridge admission ticket is included.

To Hakone area

Two day pass for Izu-Hakone bus is included.
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