How to use lawson free-WiFi

5 easy steps to connecting to Lawson’s free wi-fi

So Says

Compared to the other two of the big 3 convenience stores’ free-WiFi, LAWSON’s is the easiest and simplest to register with. Also they have an English website. The speed of the free-WiFi network is quite fast generally, but it didn’t work at all in some branches so it seems like it depends on the branch. Anyway, I recommend registering to this service!


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Avarage speed of free-WiFi according to モバうぃふぃ

What is LAWSON free-wifi?

LAWSON is a big convenience store chain with 14,659 stores in Japan.  In Tokyo alone, at time of writing, there are 1,748 according to their website. So it’s great that they offer a free-WiFi service. It does have a limit – just like the other convenience store chains – but you can connect for 60 minutes at one time and you can connect five times a day, which should be more than enough to get you around Tokyo before heading back to your hotel. Compared to Seven-Eleven and Family Mart, these conditions aren’t bad either. Even better, registration is the easiest of the three, and the biggest positive is that the registration procedure can be done in English!

Download and setup


1. Go to any Lawson shop and tap on "lawson_freewi-fi" in your available Wi-Fi networks menu.


2. Choose English (or other desired language) from the top menu.


3. Follow the instructions

Probably you don't need any more instructions but here they are just in case.


4. Input your e-mail address, check the Terms of Service box and then tap on "register"


5. Tap on "I agree"


6. Done!

That's it. Super easy.

The e-mail address that you submit is valid for one year, so you need to register again the next time you visit Japan, but we hope that Japan's free-WiFi services will improve more and work on becoming more user-friendly.